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    Internet Tools

    Search Strategy Development | Internet Site Evaluation | Popular Search Engines | Metasearch Engines | Image Search Engines | Gateway Directories | Directories of Searchable Databases | Specialty Search Engines | Guides/Subject Directories | Children's Search Engines | Search Engine Comparison/Evaluation

    Search Strategy Development

    Recommended Search Strategy for the Web (University of California, Berkeley)

    Internet Site Evaluation

    Evaluating Internet Sites in 5 Easy Steps (ACRL)

    Evaluating Science WWW Resources (NCSU)

    Popular Search Engines

    Google Because it uses link popularity as its base, its strength is for popular search topics like cars and travel.

    alltheweb FAST Search announced in January 2000 that it has increased its index to 300 million web pages, which fuels its claim to provide the largest index of any major search engine. It also purports to be one of the fastest search engines.

    Alta Vista Largest of the search engines it allows customization of display results. Alta Vista Help Integration of Teoma and now the main brand name for IAC Search & Media. Ask Jeeves has been retired.

    Excite Both subject and comprehensive web searching. Provides annotations and relevancy ranking. Excite Help

    Forum One: The Web's Search Engine for Online Forums Searches over 280,000 forum discussion groups. Subject listings that perhaps is the easiest to search.

    Hot Bot Good all purpose search engine. Set options any, all as a phrase for greater accuracy in searching.

    Lycos Provides menu search options and relevancy ranking. Lycos Help link is located in footer.

    Northern Light New search tool with full text published articles for only $1-$4 each. Refine searches with a system of folders.

    Webcrawler Good for quick and dirty searches or for sites you have visited before. Webcrawler Help

    WiseNut Use its advanced searching capabilities to find exactly what you want.

    Yahoo! One of the most popular of the databases, browse by subject or keyword. Selective, but not a scholarly slant. Often the first place to check. Updated regularly. Yahoo Help

    Metasearch Engines

    Copernic Must be downloaded free to your desktop. Use Internet Explorer when searching. Searches Altavista, Direct Hit, EuroSeek, Excite, Fast Search, Google, GoTo, HotBot, Infoseek, Look Smart, Lycos, Magellan, MSN, Netscape Center, Open Directory, Snap, Web Crawler, and Yahoo.

    Dogpile MetaSearch index that includes Alta Vista, Excite, Hotbot, Infoseek, Lycos, Magellan, PlanetSearch, WWW Worm, WWW Yellow Pages, Web Crawler, What U Seek, Yahoo. Dogpile Help

    Internet Sleuth Enables searching from standard search engines or from a number of speciality search engines. Over 3000 searchable search engines.

    Ixquick Supports complex searches, Boolean and phrases. Brings "top 10" sites from each search engine and combines results, eliminating duplicates. Includes AOL, Altavista, Excite, FastSearch, Go to, HotBot, Infoseek, Live Directory, LookSmart, MSN, Snap, Webcrawler, Yahoo, and xRefer. Ixquick Help

    Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines Searches Yahoo, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Alta Vista all in one query. Relevancy ranking. Mamma Search Tips.

    Metacrawler MetaSearch index that includes Alta Vista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, WebCrawler, and Yahoo. Good for phrase searching.


    ProFusion Allows up to 9 search engines to be searched at once. Searches Lycos,, Yahoo, etc.

    Searchalot Searches all major search engines. Subject hierarchy.


    Image Search Engines

    Amazing Picture Machine (North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium)

    Image Surfer (Yahoo)

    Web Places Clip Art Searcher Clip art, backgrounds, animations, graphic files and icons.

    Directories of Searchable Databases

    Academic Info Gateway to quality educational resources. University oriented.

    Complete Planet Many surface web sites included. Search. Then click on “Category”

    Direct Search Page listings of databases searchable by academic subject. Pick the appropriate section from the links given.

    Directory of Special Search Engines Use left hand column to scroll down to special topics/subjects.

    Infomine Internet resources of relevance to faculty, students and research staff at the university level. From the University of California—Riverside.

    Librarian’s Index to the Internet Gateway to searchable, annotated list of Internet sources useful for researcher. Selected & evaluated by librarians.

    Profusion Collection of searchable databases by subject.

    Statistical Resources on the Web Statistical resources organized by broad category or searchable by keyword. University of Michigan maintained.

    Gateway Directories Focuses on government-produced sites; government gateways.

    LawCrawler Focuses on sites with high quality legal information. Focuses on politics, policy & political news.

    PsychCrawler Focuses on psychology sites with high quality content. APA sponsored. Focuses on university and education related web sites. Ranked in order of popularity.

    WWW Virtual Library High quality guides of web links compiled by experts in their fields.

    Specialty Search Engines

    General the Domain Name Search Engine Helps you locate the exact URL when you know and enter only the part you remember.

    Forum One Searches web based discussion forums.

    Education Search Engines

    Education World Share lessons, ideas and strategies among educators.

    Educating Net Portal dedicated to resources, school lists, advice, reference and more. Organized by subject/age range this portal is dedicated to education resources.

    GEM: the Gateway to Educational Materials Access to lesson plans, curriculum units and other educational resources on the web.

    Medical Search Engines

    MedExplorer Guide to health/medical information on the Internet.

    MedNets: an International Research Site With Proprietary Search Engines for Every Medical Specialty in Medicine Searching Only Medical Databases Searchable categories include: research engines, a community for professionals, a community for patients, and a community for the health industry.

    Guides/Subject Directories

    Academic Info Directory of Internet resources tailored for colleges and universities.

    Argus Clearinghouse Selective collection of topical guides.

    Internet Scout Project (Scout Report) Scout Report staff selected sites they made browsable by Library of Congress Subject Heading or by keyword.

    Librarians' Internet Index New name and logo for the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE.

    LookSmart Human compiled directory that rivals Yahoo in popularity. LookSmart Help.

    Multidisciplinary WWW Subject Directory for Scholars Access to selective guides for academicians searching multidisciplinary subject directories on the Internet.

    WWW Virtual Library Over 50 subject guides developed at locations around the world.

    World Wide Yellow Pages Guide to businesses around the world.

    Children's Search Engines

    Kids Search Engines

    Kids Search Tools

    Search Engine Comparison/Evaluation

    Major Search Tools (University of Pennsylvania)

    Meta-Search Engine Features (University of California, Berkeley)

    Search Engine Showdown: the Users' Guide to Web Searching

    Prepared by: Terrie Sypolt, Reference Librarian
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