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Participant Comments

  1. Please heed these results and fix the webpage!
  2. I like the idea that students join to design the new web site.
  3. Good idea.
  4. Web site has been well so far, just like to see more headings as titles for research such as databases, reference, periodicals, etc.
  5. The current website is organized very well so far.
  6. It's a confusing website currently.
  7. The Website now is Okay but still slightly confusing for newcomers. Thanks for the candy.
  8. The search options and the database navigations are somewhat confusing. Off-campus access is also in need of clarification.
  9. I think that it is very important to get feedback from the students. This was an easy and helpful way of gaining that feedback.
  10. Very good activity.
  11. Current library website needs help with online resources, especially access from home.
  12. Simplicity is best - esp. for the homepage (main).
  13. It is good that the library is redesigning its page
  14. This is neat. I enjoyed this.
  15. I think that UCF policies should be implemented on the site. Guides/tutorials and departments are also necessary.
  16. Very helpful website!
  17. Citation is very important mainly because research is a necessity for college students. Ask a Librarian us also very helpful. Finding good and recent periodicals is one of the most useful assets as well.
  18. I already like the website format.
  19. Sometimes I find an article and when I click to see if UCF has it, it specifies that it may be accessible electronically, but usually that article (when searching the list) is not there. It wastes time. I wish more articles were available as full texts.
  20. Ask Librarians and specialty librarian for nursing are great features. I use Elizabeth Killingsworth all the time. Thanks!
  21. Thanks for giving us input!
  22. Fun drill.
  23. Good project. Take java applet off homepage.
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