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Participant Demographics

Number of groups: 20
Number of participants: 38
Junior-Senior 16
Sophomore 5
Freshmen 5
Faculty 9


Group Level Major Gender
1 Sophomore Digital Media - Animation F
1 Grad M&S M
1 Freshman Engineering M
2 Junior-Senior Business M
2 Freshman Computer Science M
3 Junior-Senior Social Work M
4 Junior-Senior Digital Media F
5 Junior-Senior Anthropology/Biology F
6 Junior-Senior Business M
6 Junior-Senior Education F
6 Grad Political Science M
7 Junior-Senior Civil Engineering M
7 Junior-Senior Engineering M
7 Freshman Psychology M
8 Junior-Senior Finance - Economics M
9 Junior-Senior Business M
9 Junior-Senior Liberal Studies F
9 Junior-Senior Health Sciences F
10 Sophomore Criminal Justice M
10 Freshman Business F
11 Sophomore Film M
11 Junior-Senior Digital Media F
11 Junior-Senior Criminal Justice M
12 & 13 Sophomore Political Science M
12 & 13 Junior-Senior Film F
14 &15 Sophomore Business M
16 Freshman French F
16 Junior-Senior Art History F
F1 Faculty Nursing F
F1 Faculty Criminal Justice F
F2 Faculty English F
F2 Faculty English M
F3 Faculty Arts & Sciences F
F3 Faculty Arts & Sciences F
F3 Faculty English F
F3 Faculty Music\c M
F4 Faculty NA F


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