Survey Results

11 institutions responded to the 5 question survey.  Participants selected anticipated answers with check-boxes, and entered unanticipated answers in their own words. I have placed all unanticipated answers in quotation marks.

1. Why did your library choose to use WebCT?
Price 0
License already available (i.e. campus wide) 8
Product already in use on campus 4
Ease of use for instructor/designer 1
Ease of use for student 1
Security 0
Features (i.e. quizzing, glossary, chat, etc.) 3
2. Does your library use any other software to create and deliver library instruction?
"Power Point" 1
"Internet" 1
3. What instruction or services do you offer in WebCT?
Title Users/Year
"LIBR1101 Academic Research and the Library" 375
"Will launch LibraryU after Labor Day"
"Library Skills/ Information Literacy"
"We're in the planning stages"
"DELA, the Dalhousie Electronic Library Assistant" 627
"Library 121 - 2 credit distance ed course" 40
"None yet - under development"
"HUM7104 Research Methods" 100
"Information Literacy tutorial." 1,400
4. How would you best describe the instruction and services?
Virtual tour 1
General library and research concepts 4
Database or other product instruction 4
Technology or library competency requirement 3
Course-based "one-shot" instruction 3
Credit-bearing courses
Course Titles:
"Academic Research and the Library (LIBR1101)"
"Library 121 - Electronic Library Research Skills"
"Basic Library Orientation"
"Library Science 1"
"Using the Webpac and DDC"  1
"Electronic Databases and Internet" 1
5. Which WebCT features do you use? 
Graded quizzes/tests 6
Ungraded self-tests 1
Automatic quiz/test grading 4
Essay questions 3
Random question selection 2
Surveys 0
Discussions/Bulletin Boards 4
Chat 3
Email 6
Course Management
Auto-populate 1
Syllabus  5
Grade book 2
Page and usage tracking 6
Quiz statistics reports 5
Calendar 5
Glossary 4
Student groups 0
Student presentation/work space 0
Automated design and navigation features 5