Reach Out & Touch Someone! Using an Open House to Market Library Resources to Teaching Faculty

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To make the open house a library-wide effort, all staffing levels
(faculty, staff, students) participated and all departments were represented.

The library exhibited posters created by faculty who participated in the Summer Institute,
a workshop sponsored by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning to improve teaching.

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Library departments created displays and held interactive sessions for visitors; such as:
  • Cataloging illustrated the number of new materials added to the collection
  • Reference provided one-on-one research consultation
  • Circulation explained electronic reserves
  • Library Instruction demonstrated electronic classrooms
  • Government Documents revealed new computers for patents searching
  • Serials revealed new electronic subscriptions


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The open house committee provided incentives in addition to displaying library services and resources. These consisted of:
  • refreshments (food budget allocated by library administration)
  • premiums (give-aways procured from library vendors and campus organizations)
  • door prizes (sponsored by donations from businesses, campus organizations, and vendors)

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