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Facilities Policies

To ensure that the UCF Libraries can provide its patrons and employees with a safe and secure environment the following facilities policies have been established. Many of the policies below are derived from or are related to relevant UCF Policies and Procedures and the UCF Regulations.

Violation of any of the following policies could result in patrons being asked to leave the library, the violation being reported to the UCF Police, patrons being trespassed from library facilities or the campus, behavior referred to Student Conduct Review Board, or criminal prosecution. Any criminal behavior will be reported to the UCF Police.


The UCF Libraries has classrooms available for instruction in some library facilities. Classrooms in the Libraries are used exclusively for library instruction and library-related meetings. They cannot be reserved by faculty for classes without a library instruction component.

Conference or Meeting Rooms

The UCF Libraries has very limited meeting or conference rooms and thus are reserved for library-related events only.

Use of Electrical Outlets, Extension Cords, Chargers, or Any Other AC Powered Device

Electrical outlets provided in UCF Libraries public spaces may be used to power or charge approved devices such as laptops, mobile devices, or library items checked out to patrons. They may not be used to power any device not related to or used for study or research purposes, or to power any other device deemed unsafe by any library employee. Electrical cords or power strips may not be draped across aisles, exit pathways, or arranged in any manner deemed unsafe or a hazard by any library employee.

Library patrons may not unplug any library equipment and may not leave any electrical equipment, cords, or power strips unattended in the library.

Emergencies/Fire Alarms

All patrons are required to exit the building when prompted by fire alarms or announcements via the public address system. For those coming down stairwells, exit out the emergency exit doors located on level 2. Do not use elevators. Upon exiting, patrons will be directed to wait a safe distance from the library building. Once the emergency is cleared personnel will alert patrons that the building is safe to re-enter. During a fire alarm, patrons who have mobility impairments should attempt to move to, or ask for assistance in moving to, the nearest refuge area. This will normally be a stairwell landing. If this landing is on a floor other than level 2, call 911 or ask someone to call 911 for assistance in moving down the stairwell. Generally a layperson should assist a mobility impaired person down stairs only if the mobility impaired person can move 75% under their own power.

Patrons should take all personal items with them. Reserve items such as laptops, headphones, course reserves or any other library items in the patron’s possession should be taken with them and returned immediately to the library when they are alerted that the building is safe to re-enter. Note that the door alarm will sound when exiting with these items but the alarm should be disregarded.

Interference with Normal Library Operations

Solicitation or any other activity that disrupts or interferes with normal library functions or with employees’ or patrons’ ability to pursue normal library-related activities are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any soliciting, polling, selling, or conducting surveys inside library facilities
  • Any soliciting, polling, selling, conducting surveys, or any other activity outside library facilities that disrupts pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, or other traffic
  • Any photography, video or audio taping in any library facility without prior approval
  • Any distribution of printed material or other items, whether handed to library patrons or placed on counters, desks, tables, etc.


Patron use of the Libraries’ public address systems is for emergencies only and must be approved and directed by the UCF Police.

Postings or Bulletin Boards

The UCF Libraries does not have bulletin boards available for public postings or announcements. Posting of any announcements or documents inside or outside of any library facility is prohibited.

Study and Presentation Rooms in UCF Library Facilities

The UCF Libraries houses a number of Study Rooms at various library facilities. These rooms help provide workspace for group studies, while also maintaining an atmosphere conducive to quiet study. Study Rooms are available for study and course-related work only and are circulated only to currently enrolled UCF students. Study Rooms are not available for club meetings, parties, fundraising or soliciting, or any other activity that is deemed to create a disturbance to other library patrons. .

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