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What we use and recommend to conduct business research.

C&T Databases

Hoover’s The Web's most comprehensive source of business information, designed to be the first and only site business people need. The ultimate source for company information.
Leadership Directories Now updated daily on the Internet. It includes access to all 14 leadership directories in one integrated database on the Internet.
CorpTech A database of 50,000 high-tech companies which includes research on America’s technology manufacturers and developers for private and public companies.
Multex The Internet’s leading financial e-marketplace serving asset managers, investment banks, brokerage firms, corporations and individual investors.
Thomas Register An American Manufacturers database that provides 158,000 companies, 63,669 product & service classification headings and 135,415 brand names
Hunt-Scanlon Provides a wide-range of information products and services relating to executive search, staffing, online recruiting, human resources and corporate diversity. Profiles more than 3,000 companies in more than 40 industries.

IPO Information                             TOP

Hoover’s IPO Central Everything you need to know for initial public offerings
123 Jump Can be searched by date, industry, and location
CNBC IPO Center Current IPO information from CNBC

SEC Filings

10k Wizard Real-time access and the unique ability to perform keyword searches on up-to-the-minute SEC filings.
Free Edgar Offers the individual user easy, basic access to SEC EDGAR filings.
Edgar Online Provider of business, financial and corporate information derived from SEC data; fee-based service.
Sedar Canadian Filings

Search Engines               Top

Search engines are computer programs that surf the web to automatically categorize and index web pages. When searching for information, you type a query in and the program finds matches based upon listings in the index. Typically more than one search engine should be searched because no one search engine comprehensively indexes the Web. Indexes billions of web pages, hundreds of millions of multimedia, Audio and FTP files; scans the entire web every 7 - 11 days; supports searching in 49 different languages and you can search in 49 different languages.
AltaVista A large search engine. Hits are ranked according to relevance matching the query. Allows power and Boolean searching.
Ask Jeeves A leading provider of natural language question answering and advanced search technologies.
Hotbot A popular web sites among researchers. Also allows for power searching and Boolean queries.
Excite A medium sized search engine. Allows power searching. Has gradually become a portal site similar to Yahoo!.
Google Designed to provide a simple, fast way to search the Internet for information. Offering users access to an index comprising more than 3 billion URLs, Google is the largest search engine on the World Wide Web. Now has directory listings.

Search Engine Directories

Directories group web sites according to topics or categories. When searching for information, you narrow your search down based upon predetermined topics. Directories typically catalog only a small percentage of the Web.

Yahoo! The most popular search engine on the Web. Web sites are cataloged and categorized by humans. Web sites grouped by topics. Also a portal site with links for web calendars and instant messaging. A popular directory. Human "guides" provide listings of web sites for particular topics. Formerly the Mining Co.
Google Designed to provide a simple, fast way to search the Internet for information. Offering users access to an index comprising more than 3 billion URLs, Google is the largest search engine on the World Wide Web. Now has directory listings.
Lycos Originally a search engine based upon popularity. Now a directory listing of web sites similar to Yahoo!

Meta Search Engines       Top

Meta search engines are "search engines for search engines". Meta search engines allow you to search more than one search engine at a time. This allows for a more comprehensive search of the Web.

Go2Net/Metacrawler One of the most popular Meta search engines. Allow simultaneous searching all the major search engines at once. Metacrawler is now the search engine for the Go2Net portal.
Megago Searches major search engines as well as specialty categories and shops.
Dogpile Allow customizable searching of search engines and web catalogs. Also allows searching of Usenet and ftp. Includes a web catalog.

Search Engine Assistance

Guide to Specialized Search Engines A complete list of guides, with descriptions, to thousands of search engines covering hundreds of subjects.
Search Engine Watch Provides reviews, statistics and rankings of all search engines, directories and metacrawlers.

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