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Industry websites

The worldwide network of commercial, academic, and military computers that allow people to transmit and receive data and information; a.k.aWorld Wide Web.  Visit the E-Business site for business journals

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Internet News Sites
Business 2.0 Good magazine covering the Internet, networking, software, and other high tech industries. Articles include links to “web files” that provide extensive information about topics.
Computerworld E-Commerce Covering e-commerce trends and developments.    
The Internet Analyst A website by Multex which has e-commerce and Internet companies, news and analyst reports.
E-Commerce Times Late breaking news on the world of e-commerce. Updated daily.
EContent Identifies and explains emerging digital content trends, strategies, and resources to help professionals navigate the content maze and find a clear path to profits and improved business processes.
Silicon Alley Covering Silicon Alley and New Media companies in New York City.
Silicon Alley Daily This is another publication covering the New Media companies and Silicon Alley in New York City. Stories are updated daily.


Electronic Retailing Association An industry association for retailers involved in e-commerce.
New England Business and Technology Association The New England Business and Technology Association was formerly the Massachusetts Electronic Commerce Organization.  The new name more accurately positions the association and its delivery of services in support of an evolving regional economy and the enabling role of technology in business.
Online Publishers Association OPA is committed to producing groundbreaking research into online advertising and media consumption with the goal of advancing the online publishing industry.
Software & Information Industry Association Global services in government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property protection to the leading companies that are setting the pace for the digital age. An industry association devoted to e-commerce in the retail industry.
Links/Meta Sites
Cyber Atlas Another good site to find market information and statistics on the top web sites.  
Gartner Latest information on worldwide markets
Forrester Research Latest information on markets in info tech, computing & the Internet
Gomez Advisors "The E-Commerce Authority". Maintains listings for the top web sites including portals, auction sites, travel, shopping, and personal finance A good starting point for information about e-commerce and the Internet. Has web sites that covering many categories including web developers, ISPs, Internet Lists, Internet stocks/VCs, etc. Product, contact and other information for 1.8 million companies worldwide. Each company is individually checked by the local Kompass publisher, usually once per year. Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words.

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