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Reference Books Q-Z: Online Versions & Excerpts

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Q Science (General)
QA Mathematics
QB Astronomy
QC Physics
QD Chemistry
QE Geology
QH Biology
QK Botany
QL Zoology
QM Human Anatomy
QP Physiology
QR Microbiology

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Call Number Title Source
Q 121.B87 2003 (Gen Coll) Science in the Enlightenment: An Encyclopedia Credo
Q 121.M29 2005 (online only) McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Credo
Q 121.S94 2005 (Gen Coll) Science in the Contemporary World: An Encyclopedia Credo
Q 123.A33 1992 (REF) Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology Credo
Q 123.A5 1988 (online only) Illustrated Dictionary of Science Credo
Q 123.A5178 2005 (Gen Coll) The American Heritage Science Dictionary Credo
Q 123.H88 2004 (online only) Hutchinson Encyclopedia of Science NetLibrary
Q 123.M15 2003 (REF) McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms Credo
Q 123.N49 2004 (online only) New Penguin Dictionary of Science Credo
Q 124.95.L39 2004 (Gen Coll) Science in the Ancient World: An Encyclopedia Credo
Q 125.H345 2005 (Gen Coll) Science in the Early Twentieth Century: An Encyclopedia Credo
Q 125.R335 2000 (REF) Reader's Guide to the History of Science Credo
Q 126.W67 1999 (REF) World of Scientific Discovery (biographies only) BRC*
Q 127.A65.E53 1996 (online only) Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science / Vol. 2, Mathematics & the Physical Sciences NetLibrary
Q 130.W46 2003 (Gen Coll) Women's History as Scientists: A Guide to the Debates Credo
Q 141.A47 (REF) American Men & Women of Science Gale VRL
Q 141.C128 2003 (online only) Cambridge Dictionary of Scientists Credo
Q 141.D52 1999 (online only) Dictionary of Scientists NetLibrary
Q 141.H88 2004 (online only) Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography Credo
Q 141.N726 1999 (REF) Notable Black American Scientists BRC
Q 141.N728 2001 (online only) Notable Scientists: From 1900 to the Present BRC
Q 141.N736 (online only) Notable Women Scientists BRC
Q 141.S3717 (online only) Scientists: Their Lives and Works BRC
Q 141.S54 1999 (REF) Scientists, Mathematicians, & Inventors: Lives & Legacies: an Encyclopedia of People Who Changed the World NetLibrary
Q 173.S428 2000 (Gen Coll) Scientifically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations NetLibrary
Q 175.46.S35 2001 (REF) Science and Its Times BRC
Q 179.98.I58 (online only) International Research Centers Directory Gale DL
Q 180.U5.G6 (REF) Government Research Directory Gale DL
Q 334.2.E63 2009 (online only) Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence (3 volumes) NetLibrary
QA 5.P4425 1998 (REF) Penguin Dictionary of Mathematics Credo
QA 5.W67 2001 (REF) World of Mathematics (biographies only) BRC*
QA 28.B78 1999 (online only) Math & Mathematicians: The History of Math Discoveries around the World (biographies only) BRC*
QA 28.N66 1998 (REF) Notable Mathematicians BRC
QA 40.5.M38 2002 (online only) Mathematics (biographies only) BRC*
QA 75.5.A5 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Computer Science (1986-1990) Annual Reviews
QA 76 (various) NetLibrary IT Center (user guides, technical dictionaries, certification materials and more in subjects such as software, programming, and the Internet) NetLibrary
QA 76.C572 2002 (online only) Computer Sciences (biographies only) BRC*
QA 76.15.C64 2004 (online only) Dictionary of Computing Credo
QA 76.15.D5259 1998 (online only) Compact American Dictionary of Computer Words Credo
QA 76.15.E48 2003 (online only) Encyclopedia of Computer Science Credo
QA 76.15.H88 2004 (online only) The Hutchinson Dictionary of Computing & the Internet NetLibrary
QA 76.15.P395 2003 (online only) Webster's New World Computer Dictionary Credo
QA 76.15.S494 2000 (online only) Collins Dictionary of Computing Credo
QA 76.15.W67 2002 (REF) World of Computer Science (biographies only) BRC*
QA 76.9.D3.E624 2006 (Daytona Gen Coll) Encyclopedia of Database Technologies and Applications IGI Global
QA 76.9.D32.G36 (online only) Gale Directory of Databases Gale DL
QA 76.9.D37.E52 2006 (online only) Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing & Mining NetLibrary
QA 76.9.H85.E52 2006 (Palm Bay Gen Coll) Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction IGI Global
QA 76.9.H85.E535 2007 (Gen Coll) Enhancing Learning through Human Computer Interaction IGI Global
QA 99.M363 1998 (REF) Mathematically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations NetLibrary
QA 402.5.E53 2004 (online only) Encyclopedia of Optimization NetLibrary
QB 1.A2884 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics (1963+) Annual Reviews
QB 14.C65 2006 (online only) Collins Dictionary of Astronomy Credo
QB 14.E54 1997 (online only) Astronomy & Space: From the Big Bang to the Big Crunch (biographies only) BRC*
QB 14.I53 2001 (online only) Dictionary of Astronomy Credo
QB 14.P48 2002 (online only) Philip's Astronomy Encyclopedia Credo
QB 44.M5425 (online only) Philip's Atlas of the Universe Credo
QB 63.M64 2004 (online only) Philip's Guide to Stars and Planets Credo
QB 497.E53 2003 (REF) Encyclopedia of Space Science & Technology NetLibrary
QB 500.S63 2002 (online only) Space Sciences (biographies only) BRC*
QB 501.E53 2007 (Gen Coll) Encyclopedia of the Solar System Credo
QB 595.B67 1971 (Sp Coll) Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon open access
QC 5.P46 2000 (REF) Penguin Dictionary of Physics Credo
QC 23.W6 (REF) World of Physics (biographies only) BRC*
QC 145.A57 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics (1969+) Annual Reviews
QC 174.17.S9.C626 2004 (REF) Concise Encyclopedia of Supersymmetry: and Noncommutative Structures in Mathematics & Physics NetLibrary
QC 770.A5 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science (1952+) Annual Reviews
QC 772.A87 2000 (REF) Historical Encyclopedia of Atomic Energy NetLibrary
QC 981.8.C5.H88 2004 (online only) Hutchinson World Weather Guide Credo
QD 1.A48 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Physical Chemistry (1950+) Annual Reviews
QD 5.H88 2004 (online only) The Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Chemistry NetLibrary
QD 33.W873 2000 (REF) World of Chemistry (biographies only) BRC*
QD 71 (online only) Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry (2008+) Annual Reviews
QE 1.A674 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences (1973+) Annual Reviews
QE 5 (online only) World of Earth Science Gale VRL
QE 29.E274 1999 (online only) Earth Sciences (biographies only) BRC*
QE 363.8.B565 2003 (online only) Philip's Guide to Minerals, Rocks & Fossils Credo
QE 392.O43 2003 (online only) Philip's Guide to Gems Credo
QE 522.E53 2000 (REF) Encyclopedia of Volcanoes Credo
QE 703.E523 1999 (Gen Coll) Encyclopedia of Paleontology Credo
QE 861.4.P38 2004 (Gen Coll) The Great Dinosaur Controversy: A Guide to the Debates Credo
QE 862.D5 C862 1997 (REF) Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs Credo
QH 77.N56 B43 2000 (REF) Beacham's Guide to the Endangered Species of North America Gale VRL
QH 102.R58 2005 (Gen Coll) Rivers of North America Credo
QH 302.5.H34 2005 (online only) Collins Dictionary of Biology Credo
QH 302.5.H88 2004 (online only) The Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Biology NetLibrary
QH 302.5.W67 1999 (REF) World of Biology (biographies only) BRC*
QH 307.2.B556 2002 (online only) Biology Gale VRL
QH 361.R874 2000 (Gen Coll) The Evolution Wars: A Guide to the Debates Credo
QH 427.G46 2003 (online only) Genetics (biographies only) BRC*
QH 427.K55 2006 (online only) A Dictionary of Genetics NetLibrary
QH 427.W67 2002 (online only) World of Genetics (biographies only) BRC*
QH 431.A1 A54 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Genetics (1967+) Annual Reviews
QH 431.A56 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics (2000+) Annual Reviews
QH 436.P3713 2007 (online only) Color Atlas of Genetics Thieme
QH 491.D94 2002 (Gen Coll) Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology Credo
QH 491.K49 2003 (Gen Coll) Keywords & Concepts in Evolutionary Developmental Biology Credo
QH 505.A55 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Biophysics (1972+) Annual Reviews
QH 540.A534 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics (1970+) Annual Reviews
QH 540.4.B58 1999 (online only) Blackwell's Concise Encyclopedia of Ecology NetLibrary
QH 573.A54 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology (1985+) Annual Reviews
QK 7.M34 2003 (online only) Magill's Encyclopedia of Science: Plant Life NetLibrary
QK 49.P52 2001 (online only) Plant Sciences (biographies only) BRC*
QK 96.G54 2002 (online only) The Names of Plants NetLibrary
QK 96.H88 2004 (online only) Hutchinson Dictionary of Plant Names NetLibrary
QK 492.M32 1986 (online only) Macquarie Dictionary of Trees & Shrubs Credo
QK 710.A57 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Plant Biology (1950+) Annual Reviews
QL 7.G7813 2003 (REF) Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia Gale VRL
QL 7.M34 2002 (online only) Magill's Encyclopedia of Science: Animal Life NetLibrary
QL 82.S49 1998 (Gen Coll) Endangered Species: A Reference Handbook NetLibrary
QL 405.O45 2004 (online only) Philip's Guide to Seashells of the World Credo
QL 461.A5 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Entomology (1956+) Annual Reviews
QL 462.3.E485 2003 (REF) Encyclopedia of Insects Credo
QL 807.J8613 (online only) Basic Histology: Text & Atlas AccessMed
QM 25.F46 2000 (online only) Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy: Based on the International Nomenclature Thieme
QM 25.K3413 2004 (online only) Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol.3: Nervous System & Sensory Organs Thieme
QM 25.M5513 2007 (Gen Coll) Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy: Computer Tomography & Magnetic Resonance Imaging:
- Vol.1, Head & Neck
- Vol. 2, Thorax, Heart, Abdomen & Pelvis
- Vol. 3, Spine, Extremities, Joints
QM 25.M55613 2000 (Gen Coll) Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy Thieme
QM 451.G74 2000 (Gen Coll) Color Atlas of Neuroscience: Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology Thieme
QM 451.W395 (online only) Clinical Neuroanatomy AccessMed
QM 557.K8513 2003 (online only) Color Atlas of Cytology, Histology, and Microscopic Anatomy Thieme
QP 1.A535 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Physiology (1939+) Annual Reviews
QP 11.W67 2002 (online only) World of Anatomy & Physiology (biographies only) BRC*
QP 34.5.G35 2005 (Gen Coll) Review of Medical Physiology AccessMed
QP 34.5.M24 2005 (REF) Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology & Evolution Credo
QP 34.5.S5313 2003 (South Lake) Color Atlas of Physiology Thieme
QP 36.N33 (online only) Body by Design: From the Digestive System to the Skeleton HWRC
QP 38.F35 2004 (Gen Coll) The Human Body: An Introduction to Structure & Function Thieme
QP 40.C37 2006 (Gen Coll) Case Files Physiology AccessMed
QP 81.6.R656 2002 (Gen Coll) Homosexuality & Science: A Guide to the Debates Credo
QP 102.M62 (online only) Cardiovascular Physiology AccessMed
QP 121.L46 (online only) Pulmonary Physiology AccessMed
QP 141.A1.A64 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Nutrition (1981+) Annual Reviews
QP 141.B5413 2005 (online only) Pocket Atlas of Nutrition Thieme
QP 141.M64 2006 (Gen Coll) Modern Nutrition in Health & Disease Ovid
QP 141.N793 1999 (Gen Coll) Nutrition in Sport NetLibrary
QP 145.B3 (online only) Gastrointestinal Physiology AccessMed
QP 187.M58 (online only) Endocrine Physiology AccessMed
QP 249.V36 (online only) Vander's Renal Physiology AccessMed
QP 351.A68 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Neuroscience (1978+) Annual Reviews
QP 501.A7 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Biochemistry (1932+) Annual Reviews
QP 514.R4 (online only) Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry AccessMed
QP 514.2 .K6613 2005 (Gen Coll) Color Atlas of Biochemistry Thieme
QR 1.A5 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Microbiology (1947+) Annual Reviews
QR 9.W675 2003 (online only) World of Microbiology & Immunology (biographies only) BRC*
QR 46.C356 (online only) Case Files Microbiology AccessMed
QR 46.L48 (online only) Review of Medical Microbiology & Immunology AccessMed
QR 46.M469 (online only) Jawetz, Melnick, & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology AccessMed
QR 46.M48813 2005 (online only) Medical Microbiology Thieme
QR 180.A576 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Immunology (1983+) Annual Reviews
QR 181.F84 (online only) Fundamental Immunology Ovid
QR 182.B8713 2003 (online only) Color Atlas of Immunology Thieme
QS 517.H6734 (online only) Histology Image Review AccessMed
QZ 4.C456 (online only) Concise Pathology AccessMed
QZ 140.P297 (online only) Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine AccessMed

R Medicine (General)
RA Public Aspects of Medicine
RB Pathology
RC Internal Medicine
RE Ophthalmology
RG Gynecology & Obstetrics
RK Dentistry
RM Pharmacology
RS Pharmacy & Materia Medica
RT Nursing
RX Homeopathy
RZ Other Systems of Medicine

(See also Articles & Databases and Research Guides)

Call Number Title Source
R 101.A61 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Medicine (1950+) Annual Reviews
R 121.A53 2007 (online only) American Heritage Medical Dictionary Credo
R 121.B598 2006 (online only) Black's Medical Dictionary Credo
R 121.C65 2004 (online only) Dictionary of Medical Terms Credo
R 121.D73 2003 (online only) Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary Credo
R 121.M564 2005 (online only) Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary, Revised Edition Credo
R 121.M67 2002 (online only) Royal Society of Medicine: Medicines Credo
R 121.M89 2006 (online only) Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professionals Credo
R 121.T18 2001 (REF) Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary Credo
R 121.W3585 2003 (online only) Webster's New World Medical Dictionary Credo
R 121.Y68 2005 (online only) Collins Dictionary of Medicine Credo
R 123.J24 2005 (online only) Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations Credo
R 129.T49 2001 (Gen Coll) Textbook of Primary Care Medicine MDC
R 130.5.W67 2000 (REF) World of Health (biographies only) BRC*
R 705.M46 1999 (Gen Coll) Medically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Dentistry, Medicine, & Nursing NetLibrary
R 705.S565 2004 (online only) Oxford Dictionary of Medical Quotations NetLibrary
R 724.J66 (online only) Clinical Ethics: A Practical Approach to Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine AccessMed
R 724.L59 (online only) Resolving Ethical Dilemmas: A Guide for Clinicians Ovid
R 724.M313 2006 (online only) Medicine, Health & Bioethics: Essential Primary Sources (Social Issues Primary Sources Collection) Gale VRL
R 733.G34 2005 (Daytona REF) Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine Gale VRL
R 733.I5755 2007 (online only) Integrative Medicine MDC
R 733.M678 2005 (online only) Mosby's Dictionary of Complementary & Alternative Medicine Credo
R 733.P38 (online only) PDR Family Guide to Natural Medicines & Healing Therapies HWRC
R 838.5 (online only) MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) - test preparation materials Peterson's
R 856.A1.A57 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering (1999+) Annual Reviews
RA 395.A3.U474 (online only) Understanding Health Policy: A Clinical Approach AccessMed
RA 409.D39 2004 (Gen Coll) Basic & Clinical Biostatistics AccessMed
RA 421.A66 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Public Health (1980+) Annual Reviews
RA 644.A25.E5276 1998 (REF) Encyclopedia of AIDS: a Social, Political, Cultural, & Scientific Record of the HIV Epidemic NetLibrary
RA 650.5.M45 (online only) Medical Epidemiology AccessMed
RA 777.L475 2000 (online only) Healthy Living HWRC
RA 778.C2164 2004 (online only) The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health Credo
RA 1148.H362 2004 (Gen Coll) Handbook of Forensic Psychology: Resource for Mental Health & Legal Professionals Credo
RA 1193.H63 2000 (online only) Macmillan Dictionary of Toxicology Credo
RA 1211.C587 2001 (online only) Clinical Toxicology MDC
RA 1224.5.P65 2007 (REF) Poisoning & Drug Overdose AccessMed
RB 1 (online only) Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease (2006+) Annual Reviews
RB 25.C265 (online only) Case Files Gross Anatomy AccessMed
RB 30.W37 2005 (Gen Coll) Diseases of the Human Body R2
RB 33.R5313 2004 (online only) Color Atlas of Pathology: Pathologic Principles, Associated Diseases, Sequelae Thieme
RB 37.C54 2006 (online only) Henry's Clinical Diagnosis & Management by Laboratory Methods MDC
RB 38.2.S37 2006 (REF) Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests: with Nursing Implications R2
RB 38.2.W35 (online only) Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests Ovid
RB 45.L5 (online only) Lichtman's Atlas of Hematology AccessMed
RB 111.R62 2005 (online only) Robbins & Cotran Pathological Basis of Disease MDC
RB 112.C345 (online only) Case Files Pathology AccessMed
RB 113.S5313 2000 (online only) Color Atlas of Pathophysiology Thieme
RB 155.5.G35 2001 (REF) Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders Gale VRL
RC 41.G35 2002 (online only) Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine Gale VRL
RC 46.C423 2007 (online only) Cecil Medicine MDC
RC 46.G56 (online only) Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation & Management of the Adult Patient Ovid
RC 46.H333 (online only) Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine AccessMed
RC 46.S69 (online only) CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in Family Medicine AccessMed
RC 46.T327 2007 (online only) Textbook of Family Medicine MDC
RC 48.Z835 (online only) Atlas of Primary Care Procedures Ovid
RC 48.6.A13 (online only) The 5-Minute Consult Clinical Companion to Women's Health Ovid
RC 55.C55 (online only) Clinician's Pocket Reference AccessMed
RC 55.F383 (online only) Ferri's Clinical Advisor: Instant Diagnosis & Treatment MDC
RC 55.G66 (online only) CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care AccessMed
RC 55.G675 (online only) Primary Care Medicine: Recommendations Ovid
RC 55.M266 (online only) Manual of Family Practice Ovid
RC 55.O87 2006 (online only) Osler Medical Handbook MDC
RC 55.P84 2007 (online only) Practical Guide to the Care of the Medical Patient MDC
RC 71.A14 (REF) CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment AccessMed
RC 71.P38 (online only) Patient's Guide to Medical Tests HWRC
RC 71.P63 (online only) Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests AccessMed
RC 71.Q8 (online only) Quick Answers to Medical Diagnosis & Therapy AccessMed
RC 78.B34 (online only) Basic Radiology AccessMed
RC 78.G85 2006 (online only) Essential Radiology: Clinical Presentation, Pathophysiology, Imaging Thieme
RC 78.M397 2005 (online only) Essentials of Radiology MDC
RC 78.17.E37 2006 (online only) Getting Started in Clinical Radiology: From Image to Diagnosis Thieme
RC 78.7.D53 2008 (online only) Grainger & Allison's Diagnostic Radiology: A Textbook of Medical Imaging MDC
RC 78.7.N83 M57 2003 (online only) MRI Parameters & Positioning Thieme
RC 78.7.T6 M6413 2000  (Gen Coll) Normal Findings in CT & MRI Thieme
RC 78.7.U4 C47513 2007 (online only) Ultrasound Thieme
RC 81.A2 (online only) Royal Society of Medicine Health Encyclopedia Credo
RC 86 (online only) EMT Exams (Emergency Medical Technician) - test preparation materials Peterson's
RC 86.7.A85 (online only) Atlas of Emergency Medicine AccessMed
RC 86.7.C534 (online only) Harwood-Nuss' Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine Ovid
RC 86.7.C55 2004 (online only) Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine MDC
RC 86.7.C86 (online only) CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Emergency Medicine AccessMed
RC 86.7.E57828 (online only) Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide Ovid
RC 86.7.E5784 2006 (online only) Rosen's Emergency Medicine: Concepts & Clinical Practice MDC
RC 86.7.E586 (online only) Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide AccessMed
RC 86.7.M663 1998 (online only) Mosby's Emergency Dictionary: EMS, Rescue & Special Operations Credo
RC 86.7.P752 (online only) Principles of Critical Care AccessMed
RC 86.8.A14 (online only) Rosen & Barkin's 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult Ovid
RC 86.8.E536 (online only) Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide: Companion Handbook Ovid
RC 86.9.C38 (online only) Case Files Emergency Medicine AccessMed
RC 88.9.O95.M36 2007 (online only) Wilderness Medicine MDC
RC 88.9.T47.G746 (online only) The Bioterrorism Sourcebook AccessMed
RC 111.I51282 2004 (online only) Infectious Diseases MDC
RC 111.P78 2005 (online only) Mandell, Douglas, & Bennett's Principles & Practice of Infectious Diseases MDC
RC 112.T87 1998 (REF) Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases NetLibrary
RC 200.C87 2007 (Daytona Beach Gen Coll) CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases AccessMed
RC 254.5.G353 2002 (REF) Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer Gale VRL
RC 261.C274 (online only) Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology Ovid
RC 261.C6512 2008 (online only) Clinical Oncology MDC
RC 262.5.K36 (online only) M.D. Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology AccessMed
RC 321-571 (online only) PsycBooks (1,000+ books from APA & other publishers) EBSCOhost
RC 346.A3 (online only) Adams & Victor's Principles of Neurology AccessMed
RC 346.M4 (online only) Merritt's Neurology Ovid
RC 346.S55 (online only) Clinical Neurology AccessMed
RC 346.T446 2007 (online only) Textbook of Clinical Neurology MDC
RC 347.D8813 2005 (online only) Duus' Topical Diagnosis in Neurology: Anatomy, Physiology, Signs, Symptoms Thieme
RC 348.B73 (online only) Localization in Clinical Neurology Ovid
RC 348.T84 2000 (online only) Differential Diagnosis in Neurology & Neurosurgery: A Clinician's Pocket Guide Thieme
RC 357.M8613 2006 (online only) Fundamentals in Neurology: An Illustrated Guide Thieme
RC 358.8.R64 2004 (online only) Color Atlas of Neurology Thieme
RC 396.M8213 2004 (online only) Neurology Thieme
RC 423.C656 1999 (Gen Coll) Concise Encyclopedia of Language Pathology NetLibrary
RC 423.M56 2004 (REF) MIT Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders NetLibrary
RC 440.T693 2000 (online only) Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Concepts of Care in Evidence-Based Practice R2
RC 454.C637 (online only) Kaplan & Sadock's Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry Ovid
RC 455.4.B5 M64 2004 (online only) Handbook of Medical Psychiatry MDC
RC 456.C87 (online only) CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Psychiatry AccessMed
RC 457.P76 2001 (Gen Coll) Psychiatric Secrets MDC
RC 467.A56 (Gen Coll) Annual Review of Clinical Psychology (2005+) Annual Reviews
RC 584.A34 (online only) Patterson's Allergic Diseases Ovid
RC 584.A44 2003 (Gen Coll) Middleton's Allergy: Principles & Practice MDC
RC 585.M36 (online only) Manual of Allergy & Immunology Ovid
RC 630.H36 2004 (online only) Handbook of Fluid, Electrolyte & Acid-Base Imbalances R2
RC 633.H43 (online only) Williams Hematology AccessMed
RC 633.H434 2005 (online only) Hematology: Basic Principles & Practice MDC
RC 636.T4413 2004 (online only) Color Atlas of Hematology: Practical Microscopic & Clinical Diagnosis Thieme
RC 648.B3 (online only) Greenspan's Basic & Clinical Endocrinology AccessMed
RC 648.T46 2008 (online only) Williams Textbook of Endocrinology MDC
RC 660.J6 (online only) Joslin's Diabetes Mellitus Ovid
RC 667.H88 (online only) Hurst's the Heart AccessMed
RC 681.H36 2007 (online only) Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine MDC
RC 683.C87 (online only) CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in Cardiology AccessMed
RC 683.5.E5 G593 2006 (online only) Clinical Electrocardiography: A Simplified Approach MDC
RC 683.5.E5 L45 2000 (Gen Coll) Sensible ECG Analysis R2
RC 683.5.U5 B6413 2006 (online only) Pocket Atlas of Echocardiography Thieme
RC 731.T48 2005 (Gen Coll) Murray & Nadel's Textbook of Respiratory Medicine MDC
RC 733.C87 (online only) CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in Pulmonary Medicine AccessMed
RC 801.G384 2006 (online only) Sleisenger & Fordtran's Gastrointestinal & Liver Disease: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management MDC
RC 801.T48 (online only) Textbook of Gastroenterology Ovid
RC 815.L3732 2006 (online only) Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases Thieme
RC 871.C33 2007 (online only) Campbell-Walsh Urology MDC
RC 871.S5 (online only) Smith's General Urology AccessMed
RC 902.K53 2007 (online only) Brenner & Rector's The Kidney MDC
RC 927.C87 (online only) CURRENT Rheumatology Diagnosis & Treatment AccessMed
RC927 .T49 2005 (online only) Kelley's Textbook of Rheumatology MDC
RC 927.3.P28 2002 (online only) Concise Encyclopedia of Fibromyalgia & Myofascial Pain NetLibrary
RC 933.A64 (online only) Arthritis & Allied Conditions: A Textbook of Rheumatology Ovid
RC 944.B56213 2004 (online only) Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy Thieme
RC 952.P64 2007 (online only) Practice of Geriatrics MDC
RD 31.C89 (online only) CURRENT Surgical Diagnosis & Treatment AccessMed
RD 31.P88 (online only) Schwartz's Principles of Surgery AccessMed
RD 31.S234 2007 (online only) Sabiston Textbook of Surgery MDC
RD 32.K45 2003 (online only) Operative Surgery Manual MDC
RD 32.3.A68 (REF) Standards, Recommended Practices, & Guidelines: with Official AORN Statements R2
RD 81.A54 2005 (online only) Miller's Anesthesia MDC
RD 81.M67 (online only) Clinical Anesthesiology AccessMed
RD 97.O78 2003 (Gen Coll) DeLee & Drez's Orthopaedic Sports Medicine : Principles & Practice MDC
RD 101.F739 (online only) Rockwood & Green's Fractures in Adults Ovid
RD 101.F74 (online only) Rockwood & Wilkins' Fractures in Children Ovid
RD 101.S55 2003 (Gen Coll) Skeletal Trauma in Children MDC
RD 731.C32 2007 (online only) Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics MDC
RD 731.S564 2003 (Gen Coll) Skeletal Trauma: Basic Science, Management, & Reconstruction MDC
RD 734.C87 (online only) CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in Orthopedics AccessMed
RD 734.5.P58 B83 2004 (South Lake) Clinical Tests for the Musculoskeletal System: Examinations - Signs - Phenomena Thieme
RE 21.G76 1999 (online only) Natural Eye Care: an Encyclopedia NetLibrary
RE 46 (online only) Duane's Ophthalmology Ovid
RE 46.G66 2003 (online only) Ophtho Notes: The Essential Guide Thieme
RE 46.O627 2004 (online only) Ophthalmology MDC
RE 48.9.L3613 2007 (online only) Ophthalmology: A Pocket Textbook Atlas Thieme
RE 71.P64 2006 (online only) Pocket Atlas of Ophthalmology Thieme
RE 72.V38 (online only) Vaughan & Asbury's General Ophthalmology AccessMed
RE 939.7.M54 2004 (online only) Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science Credo
RF 46.B84 2003 (online only) Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis Thieme
RF 46.P69913 2006 (online only) Basic Otorhinolaryngology: A Step-by-Step Learning Guide Thieme
RF 48.C87 (online only) CURRENT  Diagnosis & Treatment in Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery AccessMed
RF 51.H43 (online only) Head & Neck Surgery--Otolaryngology (Bailey) Ovid
RF 51.O86 2005 (online only) Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery (Cummings) MDC
RF 121.M46 2003 (online only) A Pocket Guide to the Ear Thieme
RG 101.C726 2007 (online only) Comprehensive Gynecology MDC
RG 101.C94 (online only) CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Obstetrics & Gynecology AccessMed
RG 101.N69 (online only) Berek & Novak's Gynecology Ovid
RG 101.W72 (online only) Williams Gynecology AccessMed
RG 110.A25 (online only) The 5-Minute Obstetrics & Gynecology Consult Ovid
RG 110.D36 (online only) Danforth's Obstetrics & Gynecology Ovid
RG 110.J64 (online only) The Johns Hopkins Manual of Gynecology & Obstetrics Ovid
RG 159.S62 (online only) Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology & Infertility Ovid
RG 524.O3 2007 (online only) Obstetrics: Normal & Problem Pregnancies MDC
RG 524.W7 (online only) Williams Obstetrics AccessMed
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SB Plant Culture
SF Animal Culture

(See also Articles & Databases and Research Guides)

Call Number Title Source
S 411.L55 1995 (Gen Coll) Dictionary of Agriculture: From Abaca to Zoonosis NetLibrary
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T Technology
TA Engineering (General). Civil Engineering
TC Hydraulic Engineering. Ocean Engineering
TH Building Construction
TK Electrical Engineering. Electronics. Nuclear Engineering
TL Motor Vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics
TP Chemical Technology
TR Photography
TS Manufactures
TT Handicrafts. Arts & Crafts
TX Home Economics

(See also Articles & Databases and Research Guides)

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TC 203.7.E53 2005 (online only) Encyclopedia of Coastal Science NetLibrary
TH 151.T55 2005 (online only) Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design: Technical Data for Professional Practice Credo
TH 9157 (online only) Firefighter Exams - test preparation materials Peterson's
TJ 210.4.C65 2003 (Daytona REF) Concise Encyclopedia of Robotics NetLibrary
TK (various) NetLibrary IT Center (user guides, technical dictionaries, certification materials and more in subjects such as software, programming, and the Internet) NetLibrary
TK 5102.H37 2001 (Gen Coll) Hargrave's Communications Dictionary Credo
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(See also Articles & Databases and Research Guides)

Call Number Title Source
U 24.B85 2004 (REF) Encyclopedia of Military Technology & Innovation NetLibrary
U 27.R348 1996 (REF) Reader's Companion to Military History Credo
U 408.5 (online only) Air Force Officer Qualifying Test - test preparation materials Peterson's
U 408.5 (online only) ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) - test preparation materials Peterson's
U 408.5 (online only) Officer Candidate Tests - test preparation materials Peterson's
UA 23.E56 1994 (REF) Encyclopedia of the American Military HRC
UC 533.E432 1996 (online only) Encyclopedia of United States Army Insignia & Uniforms NetLibrary
UG 1240 (online only) Military Flight Aptitude Tests - test preparation materials Peterson's

(See also Articles & Databases and Research Guides)

Call Number Title Source
V 23.P24 1997 (REF) Ships of the World: an Historical Encyclopedia Credo
V 43.R66 2002 (Gen Coll) Medieval Naval Warfare: 1000-1500 NetLibrary
V 51.S66 2001 (Gen Coll) Naval Warfare: 1815-1914 NetLibrary

(See also Articles & Databases and Research Guides)

Call Number Title Source
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Z 731.D56 (REF) Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers Gale DL
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Z 1035.1.A47 (online only) Reference Sources for Small and Medium-sized Libraries (forthcoming) Credo
Z 1035.1.C5 2001 (REF) Fundamental Reference Sources (forthcoming) Credo
Z 1035.1.R435 (online only) Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-sized Libraries and Media Centers (forthcoming) Credo

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