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Government Documents Librarianship Resources

FDLP logo UCF is a member of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), and currently receives approximately 90% of Federal publications distributed through this program. Documents in every subject area are collected.

Research Assistance

This section focuses on additional resources for librarians to assist them in answering questions about government information--when searching the resources on the other pages of this site has not been successful.

Institutional Colleagues
Keep in mind that government information deals with almost every topic and that the person who knows the most about a particular government source might not be the Government Documents Librarian. It might be another colleague--a librarian or faculty member who focuses on business, education, statistics, SPSS, law, political science, public administration, international affairs, criminal justice, computers, history, GIS, digitization, science, engineering, medicine, etc.
provides help via chat, IM, email, telephone, video tutorials, and face-to-face research consultations. Government topic questions are routed to the UCF Documents Librarian if the questions can't be fully answered by the regular Ask A Librarian staff.
Florida's Regional Depository Library (University of Florida, Gainesville)
Complete an online form to submit your question about government or government publications.
Government Information Online (GPO & University of Illinois at Chicago)
"a free online information service supported by nearly twenty public, state and academic libraries throughout the United States."
  • "a LISTSERV(c)-based discussion forum about government information and the Federal Depository Library program. Many subscribers are librarians in and out of government, although private and public information producers are represented as well."
  • "We encourage Reference Questions to have the following subject line prefix. Begin the subject line with Refq: (the colon is necessary)."
List Archive (Government Printing Office)
GPO maintains quite a few mailing lists on specific topics and subject-related publications. Search the archive to see if the question has already been answered. If not, join a relevant list and post your question.
  • CGI Working Group
  • Federal Depository Library Directors Notification
  • Federal Register Table of Contents
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Defense & Security
  • Elementary & Secondary Education
  • FDLP Electronic Only Items
  • Employment & Occupations
  • Environment
  • FDLP Announcements
  • Health Care
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military History
  • Newsworthy
  • Science & Technology
  • Government Publications in Spanish
  • Federal Statistics
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Emergency Preparedness & Individuals with Disabilities
  • Institute for Federal Printing & Electronic Publishing
  • MSPB Decisions
  • MSPB Studies
  • National Council on Disability News
  • Executive Branch Ethics Officials
Other Government Help Sources

GODORT - Government Documents Round Table, American Library Association

  • Guides & Handouts for Depository Management
  • Subject-oriented Guides & Tutorials
  • Source- and Geography-oriented Guides & Tutorials
  • Product-oriented Guides & Tutorials
DttP: Documents to the People
Online version (2003+; member login required)
Online version (1972-2002)
General Collection Z 688 .G6 D6 (2000+)
"features articles on local, state, national, and international government information, government activities, and documents the professional activities of GODORT."

FDLP - Federal Depository Library Program

FDLP Desktop
New domain
Previous version (some content not yet migrated to new domain)
provides news, information, & communication for and about the Federal Depository Library Program.
"A location for Federal Depository Librarians to share thoughts on various topics of interest. Get involved in your community by using the site tools to write, comment, share photos, view/submit events, take polls, and much more."

Networking with Other Documents Librarians in Florida

See also GODORT and FDLP.

Processing Government Documents

Federal Depository Administration for Florida Libraries
"This list is devoted to questions regarding the technical processing of Government Documents. This list has been specifically put in place for this reason. DocTech-L is not a place for reference questions, position announcements, or conference announcements."
See also GOVDOC-L.
Documents Data Miner (Wichita State University)
combines information from the current List of Classes with the current Item Lister profile to create customized lists for specific depository libraries. Select "Tools" and then "Session Configuration" to create a shortcut for your home depository library.
The University of Central Florida is Depository Number 0105A.
  • List of Classes
  • Inactive/Discontinued
  • Superseded List
  • Depository Selection & Directory
  • Shipping Lists
  • Shelf Lists
  • MARC Locator
  • URL Locator
  • Catalog
  • Tools

Training Resources

Learning SuDocs Call Numbers (Michigan State University)
"A continuing education program to train reference and public services librarians and library workers in the use of government information.... The program addresses identified issues related to the general lack of awareness of and needed skills to make effective use of government information resources as well as the perceived lack of confidence in the use of government resources.  In addition, it supports the development of a government information resource model that expands the role of Federal Depository Library Program librarians in training and support of non-depository library staff in their geographic area."

Other Resources

Government Documents Librarianship (University of Michigan)
Documents on Documents Collection (ALA-GODORT)
provides a collection of materials on the administration of state depository programs, including sample contracts, forms, manuals, surveys, & promotional material. The older documents from 1973-1995 are available in the UCF Library's ERIC microfiche collection:
  • ED247939 (1973-1979 guide)
  • ED247940 (1973-1979 collection)
  • ED263922 (1980-1983 guide)
  • ED263923 (1980-1983 collection)
  • ED431437 (1984-1995 guide)
  • ED431438 (1984-1995 collection)

Looking for something else? Ask for assistance at the UCF Libraries' Research Assistance Desk or contact Ask A Librarian.

Prepared by: Rich Gause, Government Documents Librarian
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