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Federal Judicial Branch Information and Related Resources

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Related Research Guides

Other guides which may be useful for research include:

identifies resources for various subject resources.

General Information

Congressional Quarterly's Desk Reference on American Courts
Reference KF 8720 .B37 2000
"Over 500 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Our State and Federal Courts"
Encyclopedia of the American Judicial System
Online version
Reference KF 154 .E53 1987
Great American Court Cases
Online version
Reference KF 385 .A4 G68
See also Famous Cases
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- and U.S. Documents
  • Federal Courts - Resolve Disputes over Federal Laws
  • Judicial Resources - Federal Publications & Procedures
  • Additional Resources - Other Federal Web Sites & Resources
(NOTE: Most of the resources listed are freely accessible. For those resources listed as "UMich Only", the UCF Libraries might also have subscription access through our Articles & Databases page.)
  • All Federal Courts
    • Description of Court System
    • Biographies
    • Caseloads
    • Constitution
    • Court Decisions
    • Court Rules
    • Dictionaries
    • Directories
    • Sentencing Commission
    • Statistics
  • Individual Federal Courts
    • Bankruptcy Courts
    • Circuit Courts
    • Claims Court
  • Individual Federal Courts (continued)
    • District Courts
    • Supreme Court
    • U.S. Court of International Trade
  • Related Court Matters
    • Attorney General
    • Famous Trials
    • Grand Jury
    • Independent Counsel
    • Military Tribunals
  • Related Web Pages
    • Laws & Regulations
    • Legal Periodicals

Supreme Court

See also Legal Research - U.S. Supreme Court cases

  • Recent Decisions
  • About the Supreme Court
  • Docket
  • Oral Arguments
  • Merits Briefs
  • Bar Admissions
  • Court Rules
  • Case Handling Guides
  • Opinions
  • Orders & Journals
  • Visiting the Court
  • Public Information
  • Jobs
  • Links
Supreme Court Decisions
Online version (1789+)
Online version (1937-1975)
Supreme Court Nominations
Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court
Reference KF 8742 .W567 2004
  • Origins and Development of the Court
  • The Court and the Federal System
  • The Court and the Individual
  • Pressures on the Court
  • The Court at Work
  • Members of the Court
How to Research the Supreme Court
Reference KF 8741 .A1 M36 1992
Facts about the Supreme Court of the United States
Reference KF 8742 .P32 1996
Encyclopedia of Supreme Court Quotations
Reference KF 8742 .A35 E529 2000
The Justices of the United States Supreme Court: Their Lives & Major Opinions
Reference KF 8744 .F75 1995

Federal Courts

See also Legal Research - Federal Circuit & District Courts

Understanding the Federal Courts (Administration Office of the U.S. Courts)
"an introduction to the federal judicial system, its organization and administration, and its relationship to the legislative and executive branches of the government."
Court Links (Administration Office of the U.S. Courts)
Choose the court you want to locate:
  • All Courts
  • Court of Appeals
  • District Court
  • Bankruptcy Court
  • Probation Office
  • Pretrial Services Office
Search by:
  • Zip Code
  • Area Code
  • City & State
  • County & State
  • Circuit
  • All Locations
Florida Federal Courts

Administrative Decisions

Most administrative decisions are conducted by agencies within the Executive branch and are sometimes referred to as quasi-judicial. Resources are listed on the Federal Administrative Decisions page.

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