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Style Guides for Citing Government Resources

Citing Government Sources

How to Cite Electronic Sources (Library of Congress)
The Complete Guide to Citing Government Information Resources : a Manual for Writers & Librarians
by Diane L. Garner, Diane H. Smith, with additional chapters by Debora Cheney, Helen Sheehy for the Government Documents Round Table, American Library Association.
Ask at the Reference Desk - J 9.5 .G37 1993
DocsCite (Arizona State University)
helps you create an APA or MLA style of citation by providing a form that you fill in with the information about your source.

Other Citation Sources

provides examples for MLA and APA citations, links to other styles, and citation software: RefWorks & EndNote.
Research & Documentation Online (Bedford/St. Martin's)
provides information and examples for MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE.
Documentation Styles (UCF Writing Center)
includes links in the Writing Resources section to style guides arranged by subject area, including guides from American Chemical Society (ACS), American Institute of Physics (AIP), American Medical Association (AMA) and Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
will walk you through the steps of creating a correct APA citation.

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Prepared by: Rich Gause, Government Documents Librarian
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