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Ten-Minute Play Competition


She never knew the notorious mother who died during her birth.
She married two weeks after her husband's first wife committed suicide.

She gave birth to four children: 3 died by age three.
She was challenged to write a ghost story when she was just 18.

Mary Shelley created the novel Frankenstein!



On a stormy night in June, 1816,
beside a lake
in the shadow of the Alps,
Mary Shelley began
a story that has never
been out of print.
Surrounded by lovers and friends,
Mary created a mystery for us to solve!

What Happened That Night to
Inspire the Nightmare??

UCF Ten-Minute Play Competition Rules

Qualified Entrant: Must be a current UCF student at the time of entry

Topic: Submissions will, in some way, concern themselves with the night of the creation of Mary Shelley's novel

Length: Not to exceed 20 double-spaced pages

Characters: No more than 6 characters

Set & Props: Scripts involving limited set construction & few props shall be given greater consideration

Program/Application Document: Prefer use of Final Draft 6.0 Software, available at the UCF Library Reference Desk, but MS Word is acceptable.

Judges: John Schell (VP & Dean, Undergraduate Studies), Be Boyd (Dramatist's Guild Member & Faculty in Theatre Dept.), Jim Helsinger (Artistic Head, Orlando Shakespeare Festival)

Playwright Mentor: John Wayne Shafer, Theatre Department, will be available to assist entrants ( or 407-823-0871)

Winning Play Will Be:

  • Read by actors at one or more Frankenstein Events Oct.-Dec. '04
  • Heard at one of the readings of the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival
  • Posted on the UCF Frankenstein Website
  • Author assisted in entering prestigious Louisville Ten-Minute Play Competition


 MONDAY, MAY 3, 2004, 5:00 PM

Cheryl Mahan
Room 203
Library Reference Department

For More Information:

This competition is part of the many activities surrounding the traveling exhibition “Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature” at UCF Library October 29-December 3 which is made possible by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Library of Medicine, and the American Library Association.