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Database Titles: Numbers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A-L M-Z

Database Titles: Numbers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A-L M-Z H

Title Dates Vendor Access
Covers books, chapters, articles, and conference papers in the field of Latin American studies, Edited by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress, the multidisciplinary Handbook alternates annually between the social sciences and the humanities.
  Library of Congress Free
E-Access contains full-text articles and chapters regarding research, trends, technologies, and challenges in the fields of information science, technology and management.
  Idea Group Proxy
journal article citations about Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, and Hispanics/Latinos in the United States.
1970-Current HAPI Proxy
The 56 years of Harper's Weekly provide a continuous record of what happened on a weekly basis from 1857 through 1912. The first segment includes the Civil War Era: 1857-1865. The next two cover Reconstruction: 1866-1871 and 1872-1877. The last six encompass the Gilded Age: 1878-1912.
1857-1912 HarpWeek Proxy
HathiTrust is a collaborative repository of digital content from academic & research institutions offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world.
Information on behavioral measurement instruments gathered from hundreds of journals covering health sciences and psychosocial sciences.
1985-Current EBSCOhost Proxy
This database provides a comprehensive, timely survey of recent work relating to public health, safety and industrial hygiene.
1981-Current ProQuest Proxy
Topics in health and medicine, medications, and wellness. Includes encyclopedias, directories, medical dictionary, magazines, journals, and newspapers.
1980-Current Gale Proxy
The full text of nursing and allied health journals, plus the wide variety of personal health information sources.
1980-Current Gale/FEL Proxy
Provides full text for nearly 540 scholarly health journals, and over 190 consumer journals, as well as indexing and abstracting of  over 700 health-related journals and magazines.
1984-Current EBSCOhost Proxy
Provides details of completed and ongoing health technology assessments (studies of the medical, social, ethical and economic implications of health care interventions) from around the world. Also available on OvidSP - EBM Reviews.
  EBSCOhost Proxy
A catalog of over 25,000 audio-visual programmes, and their distributors, available in the UK, entries cover films, videos, DVDs, slides, sound recordings, tape-slide packages, computer courseware and interactive multimedia.
  BUFVC Free
HighWire Press contains the online versions of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals and other scholarly content containing primary scientific information on the Web.
  Stanford U Proxy
HIMSS eBooks is part of the publishing program of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), a cause-based, not-for-profit organization exclusively focused on providing global leadership for the optimal use of information technology and management.
Documents covering the most significant events of the year, these range from presidential speeches, international agreements, and Supreme Court decisions to U.S. governmental reports, scientific findings, and cultural discussions.
  CQ Proxy
Indexes over 2000 journals covering the history of the world from 1450 to the present. interface.
1955-Current EBSCOhost Proxy
See New York Times, Historical.
  ProQuest Proxy
a compendium of statistics from over 1000 sources last updated in 1975, has been expanded to include over 37,000 data series and dozens of new topics, among them slavery, American Indians, and poverty.
1600-Current Cambridge Proxy
Previously called History Resource Center: US.
  Gale Proxy
Indexing to journals, conferences, books, and dissertations in the history of science, technology, medicine.
1973-Current EBSCOhost Proxy
This collection contains nearly 100 home improvement focused titles, coverage includes such topics as architectural techniques, tool and material selection, zoning requirements, and more.
  Gale/FEL Proxy
Company profiles, brief financials, history, competitors, and more.
  Mergent Proxy
Brief companies histories, corporate information and financial status. See for full Hoover's Subscriber access.
  ProQuest Proxy
Scholarly research and industry news relating to all areas of hospitality and tourism. This collection contains more than 828,000 records, with coverage dating as far back as 1965. There is full text for more than 490 publications, including periodicals, company & country reports, and books.
1965-Current EBSCOhost Proxy
With current content from over 500 industry journals, this collection provides coverage of both the historical and the current state in the hospitality and tourism field, also focused study of specialized aspects of the industry including cultural aspects of travel, leisure activities, economic aspects of tourism, and more.
  Gale/FEL Proxy
This interdisciplinary database offers abstracts and citations to a wide range of research in biomedicine, biotechnology, zoology and ecology, and some aspects of agriculture and veterinary science.
1982-1995 ProQuest Proxy
See also e-HRAF Archaeology
  Yale Free
See e-HRAF World Cultures
  Yale Free
Indexes journals in human resources, including human resource management, employee assistance, and organizational behavior.
1975-Current EBSCOhost Proxy
Offers a broad range of subject coverage in the humanities and social sciences with high-quality indexing of more than 1,300,000 articles in nearly 1,100 periodicals, dating as far back as 1907, as well as citations of over 240,000 book reviews. Previous vendor was Wilson.
1907-1984 EBSCOhost Proxy
Humanities Full Text contains full text plus abstracts and bibliographic indexing scholarly sources in the humanities, as well as lesser-known but important specialized magazines. Previous vendor was Wilson.
1984-Current EBSCOhost Proxy
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