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About Get Full Text and SFX

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What is Get Full Text?

Get Full Text is a way to find the full text of an article or to locate an online journal, and to see other services and options related to the article. To use Get Full Text:

  1. Look for the Get Full Text or SFX button and when you search databases
  2. Click the button to see a menu of full text and more. See Example Menu below.
  3. Click on links in the menu to get full text, info about the volumes the library owns, services and additional search options.

Example Menu

Example SFX Menu showing full text options.
Full text is available in Wilson Art Index and Wilson OmniFile FT Mega Edition for the article "Mail art: stamp of approval" that appears in the journal Art Monthly. More tools and services are available by clicking the More Information and Services link.

See the Get Full Text Menus page for details.

Will Get Full Text always find full text?

Get Full Text will often NOT find full text. The button may display for each article or journal in your search results, even if no full text exists for the article. However the Get Full Text menu provides useful links that can help you get the article from the library's collection or from ILL, and provides more information and services.

See the Problems Getting to Full Text page for more information.


Last updated October 03, 2011 11:12:31 AM

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