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UCF's Service to Get Full Text locate Online Journals
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What does SFX mean?

Special Effects, just like in the movies. You can think of it as "Search For X", if that helps.

What is SFX for? What does it do?

The most popular function of SFX is that it links you to the full text of articles. However, sometimes full text isn't available. SFX provides useful links that can help you get the article from the library's collection or from ILL, and provides more information and services.

What happens when I click the SFX button?

When you click the SFX button, information about the article is sent to UCF's SFX server. The server looks though a database of UCF's full text sources. Our server then creates a menu of all of UCF's sources that include the journal article. SFX may find several sources for the article, or it might not find any. You can click on any of the sources to get to the full text.

Will SFX always find full text?

No, SFX will often NOT find full text. In many cases, there simply is no full text version of the article you want. In many other instances, the UCF Library will not subscribe to the full text of the journal.

Why does the SFX button display even when there is no full text?

The SFX button will display for each item in your search results, even if no full text exists for the article. Until it searches UCF's database, SFX has no way to know if we have full text.


Last updated October 03, 2011 11:12:31 AM

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