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Get Full Text: Menus and Results

The menu window has three parts:

  • the upper area shows a citation with information about the journal article,
  • the middle area, shows Options for Getting the Text of an article,
  • the last part shows More Information and Services. To see all the options click the plus sign Plus sign to expand the menu..

Example Menu: Options for Getting the Text
(click the image to see the interactive menu)

Example SFX Menu

Options for getting the full text include any full text sources that probably have the article. There is also a link to search the catalog for the journal. If there is no full text you will see a link to request the article via ILL.

When you click the plus sign Plus sign to expand the menu., you will see several services and searches.

Example SFX Menu: More Information and Services

Example SFX Menu - More Informatin and Services
  • Citation Linker - enter a search for a specific article.
  • EndNote and RefWorks - send the citation directly to software to manage your bibliography.
  • Citation and Persistent Link - display the citation in the style of your choice, including MLA, APA, Chicago, or other popular styles. The URL for the menu is also displayed.
  • Ulrich's - search for detailed information about the journal.
  • Web of Science - find more articles from the same author that appear in scholarly journals.
  • Google Scholar - search Google's index of scholarly websites and articles. You might not be able to get to the full article that Google finds.
  • Copyright Clearance Center - seek permission to use the article in Course Reserves, Course Packs, or other distributed materials.

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