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Collection Development


To maintain the library’s collection in support of the university’s mission to provide comprehensive teaching, research and service; to protect and preserve items that are valuable and unique; to provide opportunities for library users and librarians to actively participate in the selection of both print and electronic resources, and University Archives.


  • Manage and evaluate the libraries resources
  • Prepare accreditation reports
  • Evaluate the specific subject areas holdings as a part of the University’ Proposal for New Programs (degrees)
  • Participate in allocating the materials budget
  • Monitor the expenditures of the materials budget
  • Spend allocations carefully and judiciously
  • Maintain awareness of curriculum changes by reviewing both the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs
  • Select resources that support the goals of the university
  • Maintain the Collection Development Policy
  • Revise the Collection Development Policy Statements and Assessments for each Department as needed
  • Participate in the selection and review of Electronic Resources
  • Participate in national, regional and state cooperatives in archiving and digitizing projects
  • Select materials for inclusion in the Florida Heritage Project
  • Participate in National Collection Assessments Initiatives (e.g. North American Title Count and the OCLC/WLN Collection Analysis System)
  • Participate in national Collection Management and Development forums
  • Evaluate the Reference Collection and place specific titles on Standing Order
  • Review and evaluate Approval Plan
  • Expand foreign language materials for the collection
  • Review the material resources allocations
  • Review the evaluation of the library collection for the university’s proposal for new programs (degrees)
  • Ensure that area campuses increase participation in the collection development process
  • Maintain current awareness of subjects/disciplines
  • Identify faculty research interests
  • Evaluate donations/gifts to be added to the collection
  • Select materials to support cultural diversity

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