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Collection Development Liaisons

Each UCF department or program is assigned a librarian who acts as the collection development liaison. The liaisons are available at all UCF library locations to assist the faculty with collection recommendations, to place orders for new library materials, and to communicate with department faculty about collection needs, development plans, and notable new additions. These collection development librarians can be found by searching for subject area or program in the drop down menu. Several librarians across the entire UCF Library system, including regional campuses are actively involved with collection development. A select number of librarians, known as Subject Librarians, are handling collection development responsibilities and are focused heavily on instruction, reference and assisting faculty with research. Subject librarians provide research support to students and faculty to help them achieve their educational and academic goals. Subject librarians assist students at all levels with curriculum and research assignments. They are available in person, online, and by phone for consultation on how to find and use the best information for research projects and academic assignments. Subject librarians are also available to assist faculty members by providing instructional sessions for their courses, being available in Canvas, and by creating course-specific resource web pages. Subject librarians provide assistance to faculty members in their own research endeavors and also serve as a link to collection development for academic programs.


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
African American Studies John Venecek   407-823-3098
Art John Venecek   email 407-823-3098
Digital Media Athena Hoeppner   407-823-5049
English John Venecek   407-823-3098
Film Richard Harrison   407-823-4249
History Richard Harrison   407-823-4249
Judaic Studies Richard Harrison   407-823-4249
Latin American Studies John Venecek   407-823-3098
Modern Languages John Venecek   407-823-3098
Music Richard Harrison   407-823-4249
Philosophy Richard Harrison   407-823-4249
Theatre Rich Gause   407-823-2563
Women's Studies Corinne Bishop   407-823-2584
Writing & Rhetoric John Venecek   407-823-3098


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Accounting Missy Murphey   407-823-5308
Economics Peter Spyers-Duran   407-823-4255
Finance Peter Spyers-Duran View PDF 407-823-4255
Management Missy Murphey   407-823-5308
Marketing Missy Murphey   407-823-5308
Sports Management Missy Murphey   407-823-5308


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
College of Optics and Photonics (CREOL) Patti McCall   407-823-1218


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Curriculum Materials Center Yolanda Hood   407-823-2327


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Child, Family & Community Sciences Terrie Sypolt   407-823-5921
Educational & Human Sciences Terrie Sypolt   407-823-5921
Teaching, Learning & Leadership Terrie Sypolt   407-823-5921


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Civil, Environmental & Construction Engineering Ven Basco   407-823-5048
Computer Science Ven Basco   407-823-5048
Electrical & Computer Engineering Ven Basco   407-823-5048
Industrial and Management Systems Ven Basco   407-823-5048
Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Ven Basco   407-823-5048


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Communication Sciences & Disorders Renee Cole Montgomery   407-823-4658
Criminal Justice Meredith Semones   407-823-5564
Health Professions Renee Cole Montgomery   407-823-4658
Health Management & Informatics Renee Cole Montgomery   407-823-4658
Legal Studies Meredith Semones   407-823-5564
Public Administration Dr. Linda Colding   407-823-4248
Social Work Hal Mendelsohn View PDF 407-823-3604


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Nursing Andy Todd   321-433-7878


Branch Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Altamonte Springs Peggy Nuhn   407-708-2863
Cocoa Andy Todd   321-433-7878
Cocoa Barbara Alderman   321-433-7997
Daytona Michael Furlong   386-506-3353
Leesburg Rayla Hanselmann   352-536-2187
Ocala Cynthia Kisby   407-823-2890
Palm Bay Barbara Alderman   321-433-7997
Sanford/Lake Mary Peggy Nuhn   407-708-2863
South Lake Rayla Hanselmann   352-536-2187
Valencia Osceola Carrie Moran   407-582-4344
Valencia West Min Tong   407-582-1585
West Orlando Min Tong   407-582-1585


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Hospitality Management/Rosen Library Tim Bottorff   407-903-8004
Hospitality Management/Rosen Library Kelly Robinson   407-903-8003


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Anthropology Rachel Mulvihill   407-823-0739
Biological Sciences Patti McCall   407-823-1218
Chemistry Patti McCall   407-823-1218
Communication Richard Harrison   407-823-4249
Mathematics Patti McCall   407-823-1218
Physics Patti McCall   407-823-1218
Political Science Dr. Linda Colding   407-823-4248
Psychology Hal Mendelsohn View PDF 407-823-3604
Sociology Rachel Mulvihill   407-823-0739
Statistics & Actuarial Science Patti McCall   407-823-1218


Department Librarian CD Policy Email Phone
Special Collections TBD   407-823-2576


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