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Acquisitions & Collection Services

Description of Technology Fee Grant

Acquisitions & Collection Services is actively involved with development of library resources to support and enrich the academic programs at the University of Central Florida. Each year  Acquisitions & Collection Services along with other departments within the library propose technology fees to help enhance the instructional technology resources for students and faculty.

Library Criteria

The UCF Libraries considers several factors when deciding on the final products to recommend for technology fee funding. Of primary importance is that the products must be available online with 24/7 access, IP authenticated and available to all UCF users with a preference for those collections with no limit to the number of simultaneous users. Potential packages are reviewed to determine the completeness of the collection and how the content will benefit UCF students and faculty. There is an attempt to keep balance across the collection not focusing too much on certain disciplines and seeking out new collections that will build up weak areas of the collection or provide strength in emerging areas. Collections that will give access to some new content while also permitting the library to remove print holdings are strongly considered. Recent purchases of online periodical archives from Springer and Sage Publications will give the library flexibility to free up much need shelf space by relocating the print holdings to the shared library facility in Gainesville. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 the library acquired large collections of e-books from Springer, Oxford University Press, and Cambridge University Press. These collections provide UCF students and faculty with high quality academic titles that support the teaching and research mission of the university. Future ideas for technology fee proposals include exploring options for streaming video and streaming audio, transition of some UCF VHS collections to DVD and research focused collections. The library is more than happy to accept ideas for future technology fee purchases and those can be sent to Michael Arthur, Head of Acquisitions & Collection Services at

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