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Acquisitions & Collection Services

Collection Development Policies

Binding Policy

Acquisitions & Collection Services is actively involved with development of library resources to support and enrich the academic programs at the University of Central Florida. Maintenance of periodical literature is an essential part of this mission. Binding is an outsourced service through the National Library Bindery Co. The UCF Libraries continues to bind print periodicals for which online archival access is still not available. Even when the library subscribes to a particular title electronically often times the access is only for recent years. Therefore it is important even in the digital age to maintain print archives to ensure long term access. The binding unit continues to maintain the current periodical shelves on the 3rd floor and routinely sends shipments to the bindery. If you have questions about the status of titles that indicate “At the Bindery” you may contact Katie Kirwan at 407-823-1607.

For binding services, please contact the National Library Bindery Co. at 770-442-5490. Refer to the links provided for more information about their services and pricing.

Textbook Policy

The UCF Libraries builds collections that support the teaching and research mission of UCF. Collections include print and online books and journals, CDs, DVDs, microfilm, and other formats. The focus is on academic level materials both for undergraduate and graduate levels. Collection development decisions are made after consultation with teaching faculty and subject librarians. The goal is to build breadth and depth in the various subject areas while taking into account two key factors, funding and space. The UCF Libraries is impacted greatly by both and has experienced year over year flat budgets for several years. Physical space is also a major problem and steps are being taken now to prevent the library from reaching maximum shelving capacity within two years. These factors all weigh in the decision by the library not to purchase textbooks. There are so many different textbooks used at UCF each semester that funding would not be available to purchase that many books. These textbooks often change edition very quickly leaving the library with outdated copies that take up valuable space. Finally, without the ability to purchase most of the textbooks any attempt to collect would result in the library benefitting some students while negatively impacting others. Occasionally students will find books in the UCF Library that are assigned as textbooks and this happens because the book has been selected on its merits and not because it is an assigned textbook. Please direct any questions regarding textbook policy to Michael Arthur, Head of Acquisitions & Collection Services, or 407-882-0143

Last updated March 18, 2014 3:27:07 PM

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