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Acquisitions & Collection Services

Mission & Description


Acquisitions & Collection Services is actively involved with development of library resources to support and enrich the academic programs at the University of Central Florida. The department works closely with librarian liaisons to identify resources which support the teaching, research and service mission of the university. The department acquires all library resources in all formats, and facilitates the delivery of these resources to users of the library

Department of Acquisition & Collection Services

Acquisitions & Collections Services is dedicated to the selection and procurement of library materials in all formats that will support the teaching and research mission of the University of Central Florida. The staff members within the department work different areas that include acquisitions, serials, electronic resources, collection development and gifts. While these are considered separate sections within the department, the move toward more electronic access has resulted in a blurring of the lines between these functions. This department plays a key role in the selection of library materials working through a number of collection development librarians and faculty liaisons. 

Each year, early in the fall semester, Acquisitions & Collections Services reaches out to the academic departments and asks that a faculty member be appointed to serve as faculty liaison to the library. The chosen liaison is then assigned to a librarian. During the academic year, the librarian and faculty member work together to identify materials for purchase, review current resources, make recommendations for addition and cancellation of current content, and address requests for information as needed for new degree proposals, accreditation reports and other reports related to library expenditures and collection strengths. The library allocates funds as the budget permits to purchase monographs and other non-recurring expenditures including CDs, DVDs, music scores, and database content. The librarian and faculty liaison play key roles in determining how these funds will be expended in support of the academic departments’ mission.  Interaction between the library and academic departments is very important in helping to build strong collections and improve good collaboration and cooperation between the library and the patrons it serves. Requests for library materials are best handled through the librarian representative who has direct access to the financial information and can directly place requests to the Acquisitions Unit.

Acquisitions & Collection Services works to procure most of the new library materials (in all formats) that are added each year to the library on the main campus as well as at Rosen, the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) and regional campuses. The department also manages all aspects related to the receipt and disposition of gift materials. This includes making a decision whether or not to add materials to the collection.

Units of the Department


  • Orders recommended materials for purchase
  • Approves invoices for payment
  • Delivers received materials to Cataloging for processing
  • Suggests a Book or Media to be purchased

Collection Development

  • Selects materials to be added to the collection
  • Evaluates the collection
  • Prepares Accreditation Reports, BOR Program Reviews, and Benchmarking reports for Proposed New Degree Programs 
  • Acts as liaisons to UCF Schools, Departments, and some programs


  • Accepts & records donations
  • Submits acknowledgement notes for each donation

Electronic Resources

  • Requests for electronic resources
  • Purchasing, licensing, invoice approvals
  • Establishes and maintains e-resources access


  • Approves invoices for payment
  • Orders/renews/checks-in/claims periodicals
  • Updates microform holdings records in catalog

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