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The June S. Stillman Memorial Endowed Scholarship

for UCF Libraries Student Assistants & USPS Staff

Photo of June Stillman between scholarship co-founders Cheryl Mahan and Phyllis Hudson
Cheryl Mahan, June Stillman,
and Phyllis Hudson (1996)


The June S. Stillman Memorial EndowedScholarship is named for a remarkable woman who served this university for decades.

June S. Stillman, pictured right with scholarship co-founders Cheryl Mahan (left) and Phyllis Hudson (right), was a charter member of the library faculty in 1968 when the Florida Technological University (later renamed University of Central Florida) opened. She began as an Associate University Librarian in the Reference Department. In 1970, she became head of the Reference Department, serving in that capacity for 18 years. In 1979 she achieved the rank of University Librarian. June served as Collection Development Librarian with responsibilities for building the Engineering Collection from 1988 to 1992, and later directed the library’s Telephone Information Service from 1992 until her retirement in 1996. During this period she also found time to acquire a second master’s degree (English) – the first degree was in Library Science, of course, - in 1986 from UCF.

Under June’s leadership as head of Reference, the library moved forward with innovations in service and in applications of technology. During the 70s, June played a key role in the establishment of an online search service, precursor to the online databases we all use today. In the early 80s, she lead the department’s effort to implement an integrated online catalog (moving from the old paper card catalog) and to promote its use to students and faculty. In 1985, June again led public service librarians in the implementation of a second online catalog. UCF was one of the first libraries in the nation to make a conversion from one online catalog to a second system. June's leadership was also important in initiating and nurturing the Library Instruction program.

At the 25th reunion of the university’s first graduating class, alumni were asked to recall the name of one important person from their student days. June Stillman was the one most often remembered, for her kindness, helpfulness, and expertise.

June S. Stillman was an active member for many years in the American Library Association, Southeastern Library Association, Florida Library Association, and United Faculty of Florida. As a member of the Florida Library Association, June was instrumental in building involvement with the Library Orientation and Bibliographic Instruction Caucus, serving as its Clearinghouse Director for many years. She was an active member of the Beta Phi Mu and Phi Kappa Phi national honor societies.

Appropriately, June Stillman was the recipient of the first UCF Excellence in Librarianship award in 1984. She received the UCF Library Lifetime Service Award in 1996 at her retirement from the university and was posthumously designated Faculty Emerita in 2000.

What makes June Stillman’s contributions to the UCF Libraries remarkable is not only her achievements, but her commitment to the university and the library profession. Her pursuit of accurate, timely information for faculty and students set a high service standard for the entire library staff. She valued learning for its own sake. Her work at the UCF library has had an impact on the UCF experience of almost every graduate through the services she helped establish, and the collection she helped build.

By example and by encouragement, she was an inspiration to her family and friends and to the student assistants and university colleagues who worked with her. After her untimely and tragic death in 1998, this annual scholarship was established by those who loved and respected her, to honor June S. Stillman and to keep her memory alive forever.

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