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June Stillman
June S. Stillman
June 27, 1929 –March 10, 1998

In 1998 the June S. Stillman Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in memory of one of the first two reference librarians hired in 1968 when the University of Central Florida (then Florida Technological University) first opened to students.

This scholarship is quite unique in that the founders created the scholarship to further the educational goals of UCF Libraries student assistants and USPS employees only.

Beginning in the academic year 1999/2000, this scholarship has been awarded annually.  Originally $1,000 was awarded to each recipient.  As the endowment grew we were able to increase that amount to $2,000.  The full amount of the scholarship is awarded in the fall semester of the academic year.

Academic Year 2013/2014 marked the 15th anniversary of the scholarship.  Thirteen deserving Libraries employees have received the scholarship (two of them actually won the scholarship twice!).

The Selection Committee begins accepting applications after January 1.  The deadline for submission of application and accompanying paperwork is April 1.

Current Status

The scholarship process for 2015-2016 is now open.  Applications are being accepted at this time.


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