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The successful candidate for the June S. Stillman Memorial Endowed Scholarship will meet the following criteria AND submit the requisite paperwork described below.


  Criteria Undergraduate Graduate USPS/A&P
Overall Grade Point Average (GPA) 2.5 2.5 2.5
Must be enrolled as a full-time student at UCF at the time of application 12 or more hours 9 or more hours 3 or more hours
Library employment* 3 full semesters
within last two years
3 full semesters
with last two years
12 months
within last five years
Must use the scholarship to pursue educational goals at UCF Yes Yes Yes
Must be (and remain) registered as full-time student at UCF for entire fall semester following receipt of the award Yes Yes Yes
*The current spring semester may count as the third semester or requisite number of months for USPS


All applicants must:

  • Submit a completed Application Form
  • Attach the following to Application FormApplication Form:
    • Current transcript (NOTE: an Official Class Audit Report is acceptable, but an official transcript may be required for verification if awarded the scholarship)
    • A total of three letters of recommendation - one from each of the following:
      • Library:  Library Supervisor*
      • Academic:  Current or former teacher, professor, or advisor
      • Personal:  A person (other than a family member) acquainted with applicant for at least one calendar year
    • A 500-word essay discussing professional and educational goals, and reasons for furthering their education
    • A resumé or personal statement addressing the following:
Describe personal accomplishments in community organizations, church or service groups, etc. Include military service if applicable. List dates, positions held, and any awards or scholarships received. Include any relevant information that might influence the scholarship selection committee’s decision.
Describe current or former job in the UCF Libraries (position, responsibilities, accomplishments). Describe one valuable contribution that applicant has made at the UCF Libraries. Describe any previous job(s) or volunteer positions the same way.
List training, degrees, or certificates earned after high school including names of schools and dates.

*NOTE: Members of the Selection Committee may write a letter of recommendation, but they must recuse themselves from the Committee.


NOTE: Before submitting any application for scholarships, applicants are strongly advised to ascertain what effect, if any, receipt of the award will have on current or future financial assistance awards, including Federal Work Study.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to have a supervisor, mentor, or faculty member review the application packet, including letters of recommendation and personal statement, before submitting it to the selection committee.


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