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Excellence in Librarianship Awardees

Presented at the annual Founders' Day Convocation each year since 1984, UCF sponsors the Excellence in Librarianship Award to recognize the outstanding contributions and support given to UCF's faculty and students by its library faculty members.


Table listing recipients of the award
June S. Stillman   Suzanne E. Holler   Elizabeth K. Killingsworth
1984   1994   2005
Judith E. Young   Carole S. Hinshaw   Kimberly Montgomery
1985   1995   2006
Carol W. Cubberley   Norris (Nick) S. Bazemore, Jr.   Terrie K. Sypolt
1986   1996   2007
Jeannette A. Ward   Jack L. Webb   Kristine Shrauger
1987   1997   2008
Cheryl A. Mahan   Selma K. Jaskowski   Richard Harrison
1988   1998   2009
Phyllis J. Hudson   Gary L. Hyslop   Min Tong
1989   1999   2010
Theodore R. Pfarrer   Cynthia M. Kisby   Ying Zhang
1990   2001   2011
Jeffrey S. Sowder   Rich Gause   Timothy Bottorff
1991   2002   2012
Cheryl D. Walters   Penny Beile   Andrew Todd
1992   2003   2013
Linda J. Sutton   Athena Hoeppner   Hal Mendelsohn
1993   2004   2014

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